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Book 2 In the Legacy of the Watchers: Power of the Gods by Nancy Madore. Book review and Giveaway.


After the events of the first installment of the Legacy of the Watchers, Nadia Adeire now finds herself inextricably tied to the Raphaelians, that secret society dating back to the Essenes. Her former life—and all that she previously believed in—has been shattered, and she needs their help to pick up the pieces and start again. 

As the Legacy of the Watchers continues, Nadia is once again drawn into the mysterious underworld of the hidden ones, but this time there may be even more at stake. Threats of Armageddon loom in the background as Nadia and the Raphaelians attempt to decipher a formula that may hold the key to unconscionable power. In the course of their investigation, they will once again retrace the steps of the hidden ones back to the ancient world, this time to King Solomon and his legendary djinn—and the part they played in the fall of Israel. There, they will find hints of what Asmodeous had planned for the not-so-distant future. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Lilith is already attempting to finish what Asmodeous started.



5 Star Review

I received the book from the author for an honest review.

The story just gets better and better. The way that the author brings it all together, as the plot unfolds, keeps you turning the pages as quick as possible. It seems with each book we learn more about the inner workings of the dijnn, the way they work and their ruthless way of going for what they want. In their eyes they are the perfect race to rule the earth, but their oppressors: The Others, don't share in their beliefs. 
Right in the middle of it all, we find Nadia and the three men we met in the first book: The Hidden Ones. While Nadia struggled with her father's deception and the brutality of his end; Will, Clive and Gordon tried to figure out the next move of Asmodeous and Lilith in their quest to be reunited but also to rule the earth; In the process they try to stop Armageddon. 
In book 2 we get to know the trio better. Will, was the leader of this Top Secret Agency and did everything by the book. He was determined to learn more without putting anyone in danger, and to protect Nadia - yes, there are some romance in this one... Clive, was full of jokes, remaining cool under pressure while trying to get to the heart to it. But his cheap shots and sarcasm created a unique friendship between him and Nadia as well. Gordon, was the impulsive one; his actions created a few tense moments for the small group, but yet he was the one that really connected with Nadia; understanding her questions and doubts the best. We have seen this relationship growing between them from the moment she was kidnapped in Book 1. 
Nadia herself, was a bit more at the background, but still valuable and growing as she tries to figured it all out. Coming to terms with who her father was, his reasons and how it affected her; trying to find closure in the midst of all the doom.
We meet a new character, a dijnn, Ornias. He takes us back to Solomon during the build of the Temple, and Canaan; seeing the biblical events from his perspective; which I find very interesting. It was interesting to note how the author brought in this time in history in an unique way into her plot, making her book very original. His character was intriguing and very helpful, and we got to know about their way of thinking. Through him the group had a bigger understanding of what they were up against and what to expect from Asmodeous.
Amanda's character is also note worthy, since we met her under strange circumstances. This very demanding and self-obsessed person got stalked by a "demon". As the story builds you could see the affects it had on her life and the unique perspective we got while this thing possessed her. 
As you can gather from my review, it would be best to read book 1 first within this series. It is a well-layered series that are growing continuously, and I cannot wait to start with book 3. Although each book stops at a certain point with no real cliffhanger you do get the sense that the story will continue. Making you excited for the great reveal I am sure would follow in Masquerade, Book 3 in the series.   

About this author

Nancy Madore achieved enormous critical acclaim with her ENCHANTED series, which includes ENCHANTED, ENCHANTED AGAIN and ENCHANTED DREAMS.

Now, following her life-long interest in ancient history and mythology, Nancy Madore is launching a new series in the historical and science/speculative fiction genres, called LEGACY OF THE WATCHERS. So far, the series includes THE HIDDEN ONES and POWER OF GODS. Madore is currently working on the third book in the series.

You can read more about Nancy Madore's LEGACY OF THE WATCHERS series by visiting her website at


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