Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Tour for Freakquency by Caddell Brown. A pop culture paranormal novel.


Lightning Book Promotion is working with Noma Black Publishing and author Caddell Brown to present Freakquency in a blog tour. 
It’s a pop culture paranormal novel.
How far would you go for fame and fortune?


Short blurb:
Rick Chamberland had it all, fame, fortune and women. Until a phone call from his mother forced him to come home and confront the dark secrets of his family’s past. With club singer and small-town girl Song Peters at his side, Rick discovers a demonic presence connecting their families that threatens to destroy all that they hold dear.

Full Blurb:
 What southern-grown, rock star Rick Chamberland doesn’t know about his family’s dark past comes to light when he returns home to Louisiana at the request of his mother. Rick has spent the last fifteen years of his life dedicated to music, touring the world, completely oblivious to the secrets coded in his legacy. Meanwhile, Song Peters, a dutiful daughter taking care of a dying mother, dreams of the day she can break free of small town life and pursue her one true passion, singing. Rick meets Song and instantly sparks ignite. They make beautiful music together and soon find that they share similar upbringings. Rick comes to learn that their families are supernaturally intertwined and that the one denominator (a demon by the name Nova) connected to both families threatens to destroy them all if they do not obey.

About the author:
Caddell Brown, born and raised in East Texas, authors a range of speculative fiction. Among her early influences are artists Rene Magritte, film director Andrei Tarkovsky and authors Dan Simmons, Toni Morrison and Ai. It wasn’t until after taking a course in Creative Non-Fiction that she grasped what writing could be as a form of expression and while most of her works are fiction, there is always something inside each story that touches on her years as an observant youth.

Freakquency, her first novel under this penname, was inspired by the tall-tales her uncles used to tell about the South, and the legends and folklore from around the world. When Caddell is not writing or working her regular nine-to-five, she enjoys catching a good film and exploring other interests, such as photography.

In the Fall of 2013 she will begin working towards finishing her Master’s degree in Literature as well as publishing her next work, Malle Wood through Nomablack Publishing. 

Check outFreakquency’s page on Facebook and on twitter @caddellbrown or contact the author through her website caddellbrown.com

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