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A Burning Truth Blog Tour By Joyce Proell. Guest Post, Excerpt and Review. Plus a Giveaway!

There’s no shortage of deadly deeds in 1881 Chicago as school administrator Cady Delafield and entrepreneur Doyle Flanagan plan their wedding. When one of Doyle’s workers is brutally killed he must use his considerable power to stop a mysterious enemy bent on destroying his reputation and business empire. But as Cady and Doyle struggle to keep their marriage on track, the murder victims might not be the only casualties.

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Joyce grew up in Minnesota and attended college and grad school in Chicago. After working in mental health, she retired at a young age to write full-time. Her first book, Eliza, was published in 2012.  A Burning Truth is the second in the Cady Delafield series. When she isn’t writing mysteries or historical romances, she loves to travel, walk, read, and do crossword puzzles. She and her husband make their home in rural Minnesota in her very own little house on the prairie.

Visit her website at www.joyceproell.com or at www.facebook.com/AuthorJoyceProell

April, 1881
 “Why, it’s outrageous!” Cady Delafield said with a laugh.
In the soft glow of the carriage lantern, she glittered in the familiar way which delighted Doyle to his very core. He’d missed seeing her bright smiles and playful attitude absent these past few weeks.
“It’s almost midnight,” she added and crimped her mouth in mock disapproval, but failed to mask her teasing. “Surely, Mr. Flanagan, you aren’t serious about traipsing about in a lumber yard near the docks at this time of night?”
“It’ll only take a minute.” Happiness strummed through his body with each hopeful sign of her recovery from the recent tragic events. She was plucky, determined and stubborn. But the death of three women and seeing a man blow his head off left a person altered. He knew this for a fact. He’d watched the man pull the trigger too.
“Besides.” He dropped a hand over his chest affecting a bit of melodrama. “Aren’t you the least bit curious to see where the master potentate, the supreme leader, the Great Poohbah—”
“Oh, please.” She thrust up a palm forestalling any more joking. “Great Poohbah, indeed!”

He chuckled and angled his long legs on the carriage seat so his knee leaned against hers. It struck him as unbelievable he’d known her only five weeks. Time enough to fall in love and fall he did with both feet crashing through the floor. His familiarity and ease with her made it seem as if they’d been the best of friends since childhood. Soon, when he believed the horrific events were behind them, when she no longer complained of nightmares or jarring flashbacks, when the world was again solid beneath her feet, he’d propose marriage. The notion made him smile.

Author Joyce Proell’s guest post

Hi everybody. I’m so excited to celebrate the release of A Burning Truth with you today. The book is the second in a new series and follows the trials and growing love between Cady Delafield and Doyle Flanagan. The story starts a few weeks after they find a killer in A Deadly Truth. The bad news is it forces Doyle and Cady once again into some ugly situations. For Cady, who has yet to recover from the grisly antics of a madman, this gives her reason to wonder about a future with Doyle.

Here’s an excerpt: 
Why was it, dear God that murder followed in Doyle’s footsteps? She loved him, but would they be forever battered by tragedy? Ever since the deaths of Villard and the three women, she’d been plagued with irritability and nightmares. She was jumpy and not at all her old self. How unfortunate that another murder should occur when she was not yet fully recovered from the first onslaught of misfortune. She doubted her frayed being could withstand another siege. As if she might chase away the ugly images of death, she waved a hand before her face. Still, the horrifying images came unbidden and destroyed all good feeling.
As if PTSD symptoms weren’t bad enough, Cady worries that Doyle’s strong personality will constantly clash with her need for independence. If she marries him, will their relationship become as combative as her grandparents, or will she fashion herself after her passive mother, a woman so meek she constantly stood in her husband’s shadow?
This next excerpt takes places after Doyle learns Cady has invited a fiery union organizer and one of Doyle’s foes to speak at her school. 
“Oh, Doyle, nobody who knows you would consider such a failing. You are one of the bravest men I know.”
He tilted his head his mouth set in a grim line. “You know many men, Cady?”
Her mouth pinched and she prayed for patience in the face of his testy mood. “If you think there might be trouble why not send word to the police? Perhaps they can…” She scraped her upper teeth over her bottom lip aware of his great dislike for the force. “Perhaps—”
“You honestly think the police will do their duty and protect my property?”
She’d never known him to be so cutting. Her shoulders drew back in defense. “Yes. Middendorf won’t shirk…” As soon as the words flew out, she knew she made a mistake.
Doyle slapped his hands on his thighs. His mouth hitched at the corners.
“Do you find my suggestions amusing?” Her voice elevated as did her annoyance.
“I’m grateful I can still laugh,” he admitted. A second later, his mouth thinned.
They sat in silence. He studied a seam in his trousers. She stared out the window, saw the baby grand in Bauer’s Piano Emporium and next door to the store, the sign for Sharp & Smith, Surgical Instruments and Artificial Limbs. When they turned onto Clark Street, she frowned and said, “Where are we going?”
“I’m taking you home.”
“Home? Aren’t you being rather presumptuous?”
He appeared genuinely puzzled.
“You make a decision without even asking me what I’d like to do. Maybe I planned to go back to the school.”
“Since it’s late in the day, I assumed you’d want to go home. Was I right?”
“That’s not the point.” And yes, he was correct. But would he always take charge without regard for her input? The metaphorical yoke about her neck grew smaller. She fiddled with her collar not liking the heaviness of the burden one bit.
He bent forward in a mocking bow. “My apologies for assuming…”
She clenched her jaw which prevented her making foolish or incendiary comments although she very much wanted to say something nasty. In fact, she wanted an explosion, right here and now, in the carriage. She wanted to blow everything apart.
Can Cady work through her doubts to marry the man she loves? Read A Burning Truth and find out.
Happy reading!

5 Star Review

I received this book from the touring host for an honest review.

A Burning Truth, Book 2 in the Cady Delafield Mystery Series. I must say I really liked this book and series and hopefully it will continue with Cady and Doyle whose characters are fascinating, ever growing to make this a wonderful book. 

The book continued with these two lovers as more mystery and mayhem followed them during the 1880 in Chicago, ten years after the great fire that wrecked the city. This time, with all the murder and deceit going on around them the focus was more on the relationship between this couple than in Book 1.  I would recommend that you read Book 1 first in order to understand the complexities and thinking of both characters and how they met. 

With the one a traditionalist and the other progressive in their thinking; will they find a common ground? That remains to be seen, maybe book 3. Dare I hope **smile**.
Their characters were both strong willed, independent in their ways with Cady testing Doyle's resolve at every chance she could get. Always risking her own safety without thinking which had Doyle in up and arms more often then what he would have liked. Making this a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed. 
The believable relationship allowed you to relate with both. Cady's growing stubbornness to be her own woman, making her own mark in the world while doing what she loved; helping people was the center of the plot. Doyle stubborn, bossy, protector and hopelessly in love with Cady was more then once tested with her antics. Both had to come to a place where they were willing to compromise in order for them to be more then a couple. What I like most in this book was the attraction they felt for each other that made for some heated moments although they never went to far but you could feel the sizzling temperature rising between them with each encounter.

With the rising tension of workers and the growing union during this time; murder was once again the topic that brought Middendorf back into the story. Obnoxious pompous ass...sorry **smile**. His character was well defined and I for one didn't like the man's attitude, but it did make him a brilliant character for the role he'd played. Finding clues seemed not to be on his list as he continued thinking that Doyle was the villain in it all. Not willing to let go of his arrogant ways. Leaving Doyle to fend for himself, seeking the culprits who wanted to destroy him and his hard work that leads to some interesting scenes and supporting characters. Making the plot intriguing and colorful.

The relationship between Ophelia and Cady also had more prominence as their battle continues and you couldn't help but see the similarities between these two women as the story unfolded.  So a like but yet so far apart in their ways but when they finally sat down and talked I was surprised with the turn of events.
Again one of her family was in danger but this time Cady refused to get involved informing them that their choices would lead to heart ache; as with Grace in Book 1 where she saw the devastation her interference caused. But that didn't stop her to unmask the villain in any case, she just changed her tactics. Clever woman this one. Even struggling with the after effects from the previous murders it didn't cause her to back down and take it easier. 

A great story that I refused to put down and hopefully you would agree with me. I am looking forward to learn more about this couple and how they would resolve their differences amidst life and its many curve balls.
Were there a happy ending? Yes, but it did leave some questions prompting me to believe that is wasn't over...I hope... fingers cross. 
Thanks for a great read.

Review for A Deadly Truth can be seen HERE

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