Saturday, January 18, 2014

A review for 'Foot Soldiers' by Paddy Bostock

Outraged at the market economic policies adopted by their university, Professor Vinnie McVittie and his colleagues in the Podiatry department kidnap a senior academic, Dr. Malcolm Moon, in protest. Initially they have little hope of success, particularly as their captive refuses to be freed from his new — and improved — life on the North Wales farm where he is being held. However, the chance coincidence of the interests of the gutter press, the Pantymwyn branch of Welsh Freedom Fighters, and a Prime Minister struggling for re-election combine to ensure a minor campus story escalates into cataclysmic national proportions.

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4 Star Review

A tongue in the cheek British humor that had me laughing at times as the plot unfolded.
The name of the book has a double meaning to it that say so much of the story and you see it with all the supporting characters within the book. Their wise cracks and patient infinite as they support the main characters throughout and you wonder sometimes who is really in charge.
Each scene in the book had its own story to tell and with typical English flare and wittiness the author did it very well.
Some of the characters were hilarious with their own unique persona to enhance the story. Sometimes even taking you away from the plot itself and you could only smile at their antiques. Especially the Prime Minister with his (cough) small willy, Sir Bertram with his loosing bowls, farting his way through the halls of government in an attempt to rid the land of the Podiatry terrorists. I must say I really liked his character the most causing a few good laughs. His carelessness and absentmindedness allowed for many great scenes well described by the author. Even his lack of technology savvy had me rolling.
Not to mention the Professors McVittie and one ball Zinkin, who started this whole mess creating this story of epic proportions that would end with the troops marching in to safe the day- well almost. Finding themselves in all sorts of trouble with the law and hospitals. Each had to fight to stay alive in the story as morals died down and marbles are lost.
Adding the press with its colorful characters and you have a mixture that only spelled DISASTER in the making.
With a dysfunctional government, that was only there to get two things, to build its own image and further once own career, you had a lot of misunderstandings and exaggerations that resembled the worst kind of Government you can think off. To enthralled with themselves while Dr. Moon was loosing his mind and toes in the process. A man that relinquished the fact that he was abducted, getting comfortable in his role of abductee.
Then, we cannot forget to mention Aubrey and her children who played a vital role in all of this. Filled with pigs, piglets, a sheepdog and lots of cow dung, must I add explosive cow dung **smile** which will cause the PM's re-erection to fail. Well paced and very descriptive you will be drawn into the world of politics, a story that will entertain you as reader.

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