Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Review of The Scholar by May Nicole Abbey

The Scholar

by May Nicole Abbey

A leap through time. A choice to make. A destiny to change.

Dismissed by her professors, ridiculed by her classmates, Serena Metcalfe is determined to prove the existence of the Samu Aqaru, the powerful stone of the ancient pharaohs – even if it means travelling through time. But her study of Egyptology did not prepare her for the dangers and passions of the real Egypt of 2361 BC. Crocodile attacks, kidnapping, betrayal, murder…and a pharaoh who believes she is a goddess and wants her as his queen. But Serena isn’t about to give herself to a king – not when finding the precious Stone could mean saving the man she loves.

Irresistible playboy Shepseskaf, fated for an early death, and his loyal yet ruthless cousin Pepisenkaura were once the closest of friends, but the right to the throne of Egypt and their rivalry for Serena threaten to transform them into bitter and eternal enemies. Only Serena knows the tragic destiny that awaits, and only Serena can rewrite history…by following her heart.

Caroline Gregory and Shawnette Nielson were born in Southern California to a tight-knit family.  Caroline earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Brigham Young University in 1999. Now a stay at home mom, she resides in Oklahoma with her husband and four young sons.

Shawnette has a wide range of life experiences to draw from as she writes. From gymnastics, wrestling, construction and farming, she now lives in Arizona with her husband and three kids, and experiences new adventures through her stories.

 Caroline and Shawnette, though hundreds of miles away, collaborate daily on their stories over the phone in the wee hours of the morning.

twitter:  @maynicoleabbey
The author is willing to donate an ebook to one of the people who comment on my blog, so comment away. 

My 5 Star Review

I received this book from the authors for an honest review.

The sisters have done it again. Bringing us an unique, gripping and exciting tale from Ancient Egypt. Their lively descriptions of the rich history of Egypt coming alive through a young woman's life who "flew" back in time and share her experiences. The plot line interesting, mesmerizing as you venture with her to the Great Nile, seeing the Pharaoh for the first time, Giza in all its splendor. Images only captured in pictures and books became real, and alive and I could almost smell the Cassia oil from the vibrant, playboy Shepseskaf, seducer and protector, and best friend. A scent perfect for him. Strong, woody but yet sweet, getting under your skin, as he did with her.
Serena Metcalfe was head-strong, determined and willing to lay everything aside to get her doctorate and the recognition she deserved. But when she met this handsome prince, she was confronted with more than just her loyalties. Faith, hope and trust became the center of the story line as interesting twists gave you a better look at life and the believes of these ancient people.
To them she was Isis personified, with her light skin and fiery hair she stood out. Her love, tenderness and care always in the forefront as she fights the odds, seemingly indestructible. She is confronted with her own vainness, her scars a constant reminder with beauty was all around her and Shep accepted her as she was. A beautiful love story grew in the midst of distrust, abduction and murder always seeking the elusive Stone, Samu Aqaru. Will she find it?
Well get the book and find out, my lips are sealed. **smile**
A wonderful journey with all its ups and downs that keep you glued to the pages of the book as you learn more about the people, the country and the man.
The many other characters were believable and strong, each playing their part in the book to make it memorable. Each creating a better understanding of the times and how vastly we differ from them. The harshness of the desert and the ugliness of betrayal not concealed to think that this was make-believe. Filled with action and adventure with a good dash of romance The Scholar was an enjoyable read.
Thanks to Shawnette and Caroline for the opportunity to read another of their books.

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