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For Love and Vengeance: A Review

  • Title: For Love and Vengeance
  • Author: Johnny Ray
  • Genre: Thriller
  • File Size: 475 KB
  • Print Length: 243 pages
  • Publisher: Sir John Publishing (August 23, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0091UNEBW
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FOR LOVE AND VENGEANCEWhen everyone lies to you—trust your gut instinctIf that fails—start overFor your love deserves the bestAnd murderous terrorist your vengeance May God have mercy on their soulsThe powerful forces that control the world both politically and economically soon learnthat the power of love can be much more than they want to contend with.
Expert #1:

Victoria recognized the expected incoming call immediately upon opening her phone and began to yell, ―I don’t think this is safe!‖
―It’s not your job to think.‖ The English overshadowed with a deep Russian accent was barely recognizable.
She slowed her pace along the walkway heading to the beach, knowing one of the Russian operatives must have called to simply let her know that she was being watched. ―What happens if I don’t make the drop?‖ she asked in English to challenge her caller.
He converted to Russian. ―I don’t think you really want to know.‖
After the connection died, she dropped the phone back into her bag, and forced herself to keep walking. Keenly aware of the presence of both the American and Russian operatives nearby, Victoria stopped for a brief moment at the end of the wooden walkway leading to the beach in order to study the pounding surf caused by a tropical storm off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. While both governments thought she worked exclusively for them, and not the other side, the Pack, an international crime syndicate owned her. She could almost sense a sharpshooter focusing the cross hairs of a sniper’s scope on her head.
 No, she didn’t see any red dots−yet, but she had been working for both sides too long. She trusted neither one of them to save her from the Pack. While the Americans and the Russians
played games, the Pack concentrated on their plan to destroy America and place the blame on Russia later. Being betrayed by both, she felt like she had no way out. She had to think of a plan, and had to do it now.
As her right hand fought with the wind for control of the heavy surfboard and her left hand struggled with her beach bag, she stepped off the wooden walkway onto the sand. She forced herself to relax, and look normal. She knew they had the technology to zoom in on her face and hands to monitor every inch of her movements. Any moment could be her last. She forced herself to concentrate. The instructions given to her by the Russians were simple: she must drop and cover the canister containing the flash drive with sand after she completed five steps forward and five to the right. Damn, she wanted to glance around, but she knew better.
The cool, yet gritty sand under her feet squished as she counted the steps. She stopped on the fifth, and turned to her right. Without moving her head to the side, she strained to study the skyline of the condos behind her as hard as she could out of the corner of her eye. While she saw nothing, she knew someone, and perhaps even both the Americans, and the Russians, were on top of one of the condos, and monitoring her moves. She wished she knew exactly where the bastards were lurking. If given the chance to escape, she knew she might have no choice but to take it.
Expert #2:
Then−Royce felt the bump. ―What the hell.‖ The feel of the shark registered immediately. It wasn’t the first time he had felt a bump from a shark in his life. As he jerked around and studied the size of the retreating shadow, his survival mode sent adrenalin rushing though his body. Control. He had to be smart. He glanced over at the girl. He knew she saw the shark also. He glanced around again. They were the only ones in sight, and the beach was over one hundred yards away.
―DON’T MOVE!‖ Whoever she was, she was in more danger than she realized.
―WHAT DO WE DO?‖ she screamed back at him. Ten yards separated them.
―Place your hands and feet on the board. Don’t move. PLAY DEAD!‖
―Ohmigod! It’s huge.‖ Her voice trembled, as she complied.
While he knew it was large, he didn’t know for sure what kind of shark it was. This was a different ocean for him. He continued to glance around, but saw no other signs of the shark. He saw her crying. ―Hey, listen to me, you have to stay still.‖
He knew she had to be too scared to even reply. He wanted to get closer to her, but couldn’t chance putting his arm in the water. ―Hang in there. We might be here for a while.‖
After ten minutes of searching for any more signs of the shark, Royce waved over at her. ―Are you okay?
―We need to head in. Once we get started, we need to get all of the way into the beach. Move smoothly and try not to attract attention. The shark may still be close. I’ll stay next to you. Let me know when you’re ready.‖
When he saw a good wave approaching, he waved at her to turn her board toward the beach. He could see her trembling, but concentrating on his directions. ―You’re doing fine.‖
She didn’t respond but moved forward, catching the wave. Her own adrenalin must have been kicking in, as he watched her mount the wave. He joined her easily. Just give us a few more seconds and we’ll be out of this.
Foam covered the beach line, as they splashed in the shallow water coming ashore. She jumped off the board, and ran onto the beach, pulling the board behind her by the line. He followed behind her. On the shore, they both looked back out at the ocean.
―Holly shit! Did you see the size of that shark.‖ she yelled, and pointed out at the sea, as she continued to jump up and down. Royce watched her movements carefully, hoping she could hold it together. The adrenalin had to be blasting through her system right now.
―Yes. I felt the shark bump me. Are you okay?‖
―No.‖ She looked back at him. ―I’m not okay.‖ Royce saw her weakening, and helped move her to her towel as she started crying into her hands.
He remained next to her, and wrapped an arm around her. ―We’re safe now. 

  Johnny Ray has a passion for life and adventure that he loves to share with his readers. As an avid traveler and professional businessman conducting business worldwide for years he has made many interesting contacts and received numerous awards for top production.  He has owned and operated several real estate companies, several insurance companies, and a stock brokerage company. He loves radio and TV talk shows, as well as speaking in front of various audiences.  Feel free to contact him if you need a guest speaker.
When it comes time to play, he is very active in many sports including dancing, swimming, tennis, biking, and skiing.  While he loves adventures that are new, interesting and challenging, making friends that share his passions is a special gift.
Johnny lives in Clearwater, Florida where he works full time as a writer, and he can be often found in one of the hundreds of coffee shops along the beach working on his next novel. He belongs to the Florida Writer Association where he recently won the Royal Palm Literary Award for best thriller, the Romantic Writers of America, and the Mystery Writers Association. He attends various national writer conventions throughout the year, as well as several local writing groups in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 
He can be found on twitter facebook www.sirjohn.usweb site www.sirjohn.orgamazon author page
This is the second book I have read from the author and just like the first "Rejection Letter" I enjoyed this one.
From the moment you read page one you were drawn in the world of espionage, double agents and Romance. Russians vs the Americans with a twist of world domination under the rule of the secretive Pack. You are taken from the stormy shark invested waters of Jacksonville, Florida to Nice, France to Moscow, Russia and became part of the twists and turns of Royce and Victoria's live.
Victoria the nifty and clever computer wizz. No computer is off limits with this woman around. But she had to stage her death in order to get away? Buy the book [smile]
Royce an ex CIA agent's cunningness to the secretive world of espionage take him to places in search for the woman he just met. While he had to fight the past and not get drawn back in from a life he walked away from once.
I was happy to see that the author brought in more romance and that the characters was mature in their relationship to accept each other for who they were. The electricity flowed between them from the start and you wondered if they would have a happy ending. Although not steamy sex it was enough to keep you reading.
Every character from Brandon and Charlotte to Robert and the General, Raptor and Warren; the good and the bad played their part to create a good and recommendable read.

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