Friday, January 31, 2014

This was one of the most enjoyable books I have read this year. 5 Star Review for Where the Wildflowers grow.

Sexual confusion and dysfunction cause the unraveling of the perfect American family in small town Georgia in 1960.

Rose Cassidy's fantasy life is a haunting reminder that she's living a lie. So when she has the opportunity to act on those fantasies, she dives in without any thought to consequences.

Rose's husband, Ryan, has fantasies of his own, and his actions cause unimaginable hurt [pain] to the very children he tries so hard to protect.

When the happiness each member of the Cassidy family seeks so desperately to find is shattered by shame, guilt, and ultimately murder, they must each face the truth that lies deep within their souls.

5 Star Review

I received the book from the touring host for an honest review.

This was on of the best books I have read for 2014. I struggled to put it down. This books complexities and many layers kept me at all hours. With fascinating characters that touch the heart, you could experience their struggles and confusion during a time that it was unacceptable to be yourself. Believable, I could connect with every character in this book. Written from all their points of views you learned firsthand their troubles and reasoning when making decisions that would alter their futures. 
With Rose, and her struggle with independence as she stepped out of a long time marriage, and her love for another woman. At first, we met her as a self-absorbed woman that reasoned like her counterparts during the early sixties. With her pretty dresses, stockings, hats, etc. When she met Heather for the first time, her world was turned up side down. She was introduced to a whole new lifestyle, wearing pants and enjoying life. Something she would have not done as a wife, mother and housewife.
With Ryan, in his search for something more then what life offered him, being bored with his marriage and finding short lived relief in the arms of others. Through many mistakes we got to learn this man, growing from self-centered to one who really cared for those he loved. Being the father in his old age that he was not in his younger years. Due to an unwanted baby, he was confronted with more than he bargained for. I really admired his growth and how he progressed as a respected man.
Lily, who experienced love to early in her teenage years was always seeking for that same love. A forbidden love that could never be, paying the sacrifice of a father's sin long into her adult life. Fluttering from relationships to different marriages to find happiness.
Dalton, who as a thirteen year old boy believed a few lies, doing what he had to, to protect his sister. His sense of understanding had lead him on several wrong paths, but at the end he turned out to be a well adjusted man. These struggles continued throughout his adult life, where he became a Priest and teacher.
Pierce, who had to pay the ultimate price dew to a father's sin, turned out to be the most likable from them all. His strong character out-shined the few mistakes he made. A independent young man that could be trusted as he stepped into the footsteps of his father. Fiercely dedicated to all he loved, knowing right from wrong.
Overall, a story that surpasses the dysfunctional, as you learn about hope, and the beauty of love within the pages of this book. Beautifully written and fast paced, you are taken back in a time where prejudiced ran rampantly, almost destroying the people involved but coming out stronger as human beings.
I book I can recommend to all women/ Southern Fiction readers. Even those who is willing to take a chance and read something different. You will not be disappointed in this book.


  1. This sounds like a great book Lynelle. Beautiful review. Worth a read. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Brenda, I think you will enjoy this book particular.

  3. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you loved Where the Wildflowers Grow!

  4. This does sound good. Great review.