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Blog Tour Schedule for Daddy Morebucks, Excerpts, Review and Giveaway

Title: Daddy Morebucks (The Daddy's Girl Series #1)
Author: Normandie Alleman
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Categories: NONEErotic Elements: age play, minor M/F/F menage scene, light BDSM, spanking
Publisher: Stormy NightRelease Date: 9/22/2013
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count/Length: 50,450

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She’ll go from the streets to the penthouse.
The price? Submission.
From the moment she laid eyes upon him, Marley knew in her heart that James was not just another client, and the difference wasn’t even the large sum of money he offered in return for a single night of submission. No, what set him apart was the fact that when she called James “daddy”, it was her own heart which beat faster and her own body which ached with need.

After that night, Marley does her best to put all thought of him behind her, using the huge payday he provided to get on her feet again and start over… until James knocks on her door and walks right back
into her life. He makes her a simple offer: if she will live with him and submit to him whenever he wishes, he will provide for her every desire.

Even before she accepts his offer, though, Marley knows that what she truly wants is not money or clothing or even a fancy new car. What she longs for is a daddy who will give his little girl what she really needs… a daddy who will spank her bare bottom when she is naughty, tie her up and take her any way he pleases, and then cuddle her until she falls asleep in his arms. Can she dare to hope that James will be that daddy?

Author Bio -
A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. “I’m interested in the kind of relationships people have in real life. So I write about my characters’ messy, unpredictable, and inexplicable journeys to love.”
If there were another 5 hours in the day, Normandie would spend more time needle-pointing and playing with photography. Instead, she’s a Pinterest and Twitter addict who loves sports and the color pink. She lives on a farm with her husband, a passel of children, and a pet pig who’s crazy for red bull.

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Twitter at @NormandieA Pinterest 

Excerpt #3:

James paced the floor. Back and forth. His shoes threatened to wear a path into the rug.
Where was she? She knew she was supposed to check in, but she hadn’t.
She said she was going to a movie. Had texted him about that. But the showing should have been over hours ago. Where could she be?
And why didn’t she answer her phone? Or respond to his texts? His stomach tightened.
Her car was in the garage. She must have ridden with someone else. Supposedly she was with Charmaine, but he didn’t know that number…
His gut lurched. What if she wasn’t with Charmaine? What if she were with another guy? Or worse, injured in an accident…
Grab a hold of yourself. People are late all the time for good reasons. Traffic. Things happen. It could be anything.
Forcing himself to sit down, he reached for the remote control. Maybe watching television would distract him. He took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on SportsCenter. How did he keep finding himself in this predicament? He frowned. Usually women waited for him. His time was valuable. Too valuable to be stuck waiting around for a girl too self-involved or headstrong to obey his rules. His anger swelled.
The jangle of the phone startled him. It was a text from Marley.
“Sorry, Daddy. Went to dinner with Charmaine and Kimberly and forgot to tell you. Please forgive me. On my way home now.”
A wave of relief washed over him. Thank God. She was okay.
Now that he knew she was okay, his thoughts turned to consequences. He’d never really had to punish Marley. He’d spanked her a few times, but nothing significant. She was a well-behaved sub most of the time, but this kind of mistake could not be repeated. It was important that she understand the rules; that he was in charge. She must obey them. Or there would be repercussions.
Rules with no consequences were ineffective. He’d have to come up with something that would serve as a deterrent. He tapped a finger on the side table and considered the possibilities. When he heard her enter the apartment, he was prepared.
“Daddy, I’m so sorry.” She tossed her purse to the side and rushed to him, showering him with kisses. “I totally forgot to call you. I’m so sorry,” she repeated, her face forlorn.
He hugged her to him. “I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried. Are you aware of that?” His voice was firm, almost harsh.
Fidgeting, she replied, “I guess, but I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t intend to do it; the point is you broke the rule. Rules are in place for a reason, Marley. This rule is for your safety and my peace of mind. I’m disappointed that you selfishly disregarded it. In this case you caused me unnecessary worry. And for that you shall be punished.”
“But Daddy…” she protested.
“But Daddy what?”
She lowered her head. “It’s just—I didn’t mean to, and I’m sorry. Isn’t that enough?”
“No. It is not enough. Now go into your bedroom and strip naked. When I come in there I want you naked and kneeling on the floor with your hands behind your back.”
“But Daddy!” Her voice shook with fear.

My 4 Star Review

I received the book from the touring host for an honest review.

A story that started with a BDSM fantasy with a rich man, soon turned into more the main characters bargained for. Well written and fast paced you are drawn into the life of Marley, a young women who lived in a shelter and would do anything for her next meal and bed. She understood what it was to have nothing, expect nothing and want nothing from anyone. Her only way of survival was to sell herself. Life is not always easy and can put you in a place where you have no choice but to crawl on your knees and be that person men craved.
Maybe it was in-human, maybe it was weird, and for many 'normal' people it would be but for her it was a way of life. 
When life turns its back on us, none of us knows what choices we will make in the same situation.
Marley's character was believable and touched me. Her struggles in the every day world not common to most. The fact that she had to submit to a man and calls him Daddy just to get out of the slump she was in, is debatable but the world does not ask the how or the why. It has a way to put you in a vice and make the choice for you.
When James LeBlanc met Marley, he thought it would only be a one night stand as always. But the petite woman gave him more that he fantasized about. She gave him a reason to live again. Even if he were this very wealthy man he still needs someone to show him how to appreciate life and the small things so easily neglected high up in a penthouse. His character was caring and lovable. His fantasy was to please a woman in such a way that she would stay, submit to him and live according to the rules he laid down. In turn he would give her the world with everything in it.
As a dom he was used to women doing his will, but he also learned that most was only interested in his money, and not him. That is where Marley came in. Her exuberance for life caught him by surprise, something he had lost over the years.
Together they discovered more about each other as they allowed each other the freedom to experience the ultimate satisfaction. Trusting each other, being honest and obedient to each other, they found a world that was for both very new. 
The sex scenes were intense but yet filled with compassion and in no stage during these scenes did you feel that this was not with consent. They were both mature adults with the ability to walk away at any time. Nothing stopped them but yet they fulfilled each other in a deeper way. 
A book I can recommend for those who loves a kink or two in the bedroom, but with a heartwarming story and a touch of romance.

Blog Tour Schedule for Daddy Morebucks
by Normandie Alleman
October 28 – November 23

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