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Spotlight is on "I didn't know" with Yvette Allen-Tatum. 5 Star Review and Guest Post

“What happens in this house/family, stays in this house/family.” This practice of, “What happens in this house stays in this house,” has kept so many of us bound for years and is still keeping us bound today!
Dr. Ellis O. Henderson, ED.D, M.DIV, Chief Executive Officer of NDUTIME Youth & Family Services, Inc.,

Why did you write your book?

I Didn’t Know – Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is only my second book.  Believe me; I do not consider this to be a small feat.  It’s just that I have yet to consider myself to be a writer or an author; at least not yet. Oh, I imagine that will come in time.  But for now, I am comfortable with writing for an audience of one. 

My writings thus far, are about my life experiences.  As such, all of my writing is very personal to me.  I always seem to start out with a simple desire to put my thoughts, feelings, and experiences on paper.  I like to look over my life in print and reflect over the things I have done right (properly or correctly) and those things that I have done wrong (improperly; my mishaps or missteps).  I find this to be very cathartic.

The idea for writing I Didn’t Know – Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse came from watching Tyler Perry on The Oprah Winfree Show one day.  On this particular show, he came forward to tell his story about being sexual abused.  From there, his story became a platform.  Then they, Oprah Winfree and Tyler Perry, took his story to the next level by having an audience filled with nothing but men who had been sexually abused.  I think this was two with separate shows; a show with just Tyler Perry and then another with Tyler Perry, perhaps a counselor, and an all-male audience.  At present, I really cannot remember the actual format of the show or shows; I just remember the impact it had upon me.  I thought what he had done, his coming forward, was very brave and took a great deal of courage.  I remember sitting on the sofa crying thinking to myself those must have really been some terrible experiences.  It was at that moment, I heard the Lord speak to me saying, “You have been sexually abused as well.”  I sat for a moment thinking to myself, “When and how could this have happened?”  That’s when He, the Lord, reminded me of the things that had happened to me.  As He began to share my experiences with me, I became compelled to tell someone; anyone who would listen.  I very strongly believed then as I do now, that victims of child sexual abuse could no longer be silent and continue to allow these heinous acts to be swept under the carpet.  Someone had to be bold enough to come forward!

From there, I started writing.  As God took me down memory lane, I just began to write down everything He said to me.  It was like taking dictation.  So, I guess the short answer for why did I write my book is because people need to know what happened to me because I know it has happened to countless others.  The number of people (victims) who remain silent and never tell their stories far outweighs those who have come forward.  Therefore, my quest in writing this book was/is:

§         To expose the enemy (I believe this lessens his power)
§         To overcome the guilt & shame by being able to confront it head on
§         To encourage and educate others on how to identify, confront & overcome sexual abuse
§         To set the captives FREE

I’m telling my story ALL for God’s Glory
I’m telling it NOW all to His Glory.
I’m telling it NOW so that He can get the Glory!! 


October 7- Nov 1, 2013
Paperback: 110 pages
Publisher: Kingdom Publishing Group, Inc. (March 15, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988312670
ISBN-13: 978-0988312678
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About The Book
“I Didn't Know" is for more than just an audience of one. If you look to your left, look to your right, or directly in the mirror, you will see or know someone who has been sexually abused... even if you look in the mirror, and the person is YOU! More than the tragedy of sexual abuse is the tragedy of the silence of sexual abuse. It must be talked about. Our stories have to be shared; someone's life is literally depending upon YOU to BREAK THE IGNORANCE OF SILENCE! "I Didn't Know" brings to the forefront the many hidden faces of child sexual abuse. The author, Yvette L. Allen-Tatum, shares not only her story, but the compelling testimonies of others--everyone from the actual victim, to the offender, to those who standby by in disbelief and allow these heinous crimes against our children to continue. Our voices have to be heard, our children must be free or freed to tell the TRUTH: that someone touched them. Who can they run to? Will it be you?

About The Author

Author, Teacher, Conference Host, Public Speaker, Encourager, Motivator, Ordained & licensed Minister of The Gospel, Radical for Christ, undercover Comedian and the list goes on...
Yvette is a graduate of Grace Christian College where she earned her Masters of Divinity and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.  She is also a graduate of University of Richmond, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and a Minor in Leadership Studies. In addition, she has 30 plus years of experience in income tax preparation and bookkeeping.    
As the Founder of Surrounded by Faith Ministries, Yvette has had the opportunity to touch and transform the lives of many women with the Word of God.  This mighty Woman of God has a prophetic teaching anointing which has enabled her to cross many boundaries.  As such, the Call of God on her life has broadened from transforming the lives of women to transforming LIVES with the Word of God.  While she still holds a passion to train and equip women in the life study and application of the Bible, her ultimate goal is to strengthen families.  To do so her platform is geared to men, women and children.

From The Author
 I Didn't Know - Identifying, Confronting & Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse - the title is indicative of the subject matter.  In this book the author brings to the forefront the many faces of child sexual abuse; those of the victims and the abusers.  Yvette Allen-Tatum boldly confronts her past of child sexual abuse to demonstrate that TRUE deliverance is possible.  Yvette believes that we ALL (victims, abusers, enablers, nay-sayers, etc.) can OVERCOME the horrible effects of child sexual abuse.
This book proves that true healing is possible and necessary for us to become more than CONQUERORS through Christ Jesus. 
As a community, we have to:
§         Identify Child Sexual Abuse –
o       We have to talk about it (raise public awareness)
o       Know the signs & symptoms
§         Confront Child Sexual Abuse –
o       Error on the side of caution – THE CHILD
o       Be quick to BELIEVE the victim and make all necessary inquiries
o       Studies show people are more apt to believe the innocence of the accused; this has to END
§         Overcome Child Sexual Abuse –
o       We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the WORD of OUR TESTIMONY

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Father it is my sincere prayer that this book is used as a tool to help set the captives free and as a weapon to tear down the false walls of the enemy that have them bound. I thank you that this book will be a catalyst to compel the person reading this book to shout out loud,
“I will never be bound again!”

My 5 Star Review

I received this book from the touring host for an honest review.

Informative well laid out and to the point. 
A very serious subject is touched in this book, and I love the title of the book. After reading the book, you will have no excuse. The Word of God says "Be vigilant for your adversary walks around like a lion to see whom he can devour."
What author Yvette Allen-Tatum does is profound, being the voice of the millions of children that can not speak for themselves due to threats made to them, and their families. Obedience is such an important thing in our children, it gives them the boundaries to walk in and is a security blanket, knowing they are safe and someone loves them. But yet it is also the one thing that will put our children in harms way. The author highlights it, the offender will use it to his advantage. Never saw it that way, after reading the book I can not say I did not know. 
She is very direct in her approach, telling it as it is but yet the compassion and love of the subject is wonderfully illustrated throughout this book. Breaking down the lies that us as grown-ups and children believe.
This is a book that I can recommend to all readers with children, not only Christians. Yes, the author comes from a biblical perspective, but she does not preach, only laying down the facts under the guidance of the Bible. Instructional and informative.
An easy read, as she confronts and detailed the issues regarding this topic.  Coming with facts and not mere speculations. Easy to understand as she comes straight to the point, but always in love and understanding.

Fierce, yes that’s what she is in every possible meaning of the word. The Encarta Dictionary defines the term this way: fierce (adjective) 1. Aggressive characterized by showing aggression or anger 2. Violent or intense characterized by the violence or intensity of the forces, activity or participants involved 3. Profound deeply and intensely felt and often aggressively expressed. According to Online Slang Dictionary, fierce is “notably excellent or of superior quality.” Yes, she is aggressive, violent, intense and her message profound. She declares war against the forces of darkness; feeding the hungry, anointing the sick and delivering the captives. She is a woman of excellence and everything she does boasts of superior quality. From head to toe she is fierce.

Bridgette D. Williams
Author, “Mama’s Diary”


  1. Thanks Lynelle for hosting Yvette on her tour and the great review

    1. The pleasure was all mine, Paulette :)

  2. Thank you Lynelle for your heart-felt review of I Didn't Know!

    1. Great book and a must read. Wish you all the best with the book.

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  4. Lynelle, I had to double-back to your blog to let you know your review of I Didn't Know had me in tears; tears of Gratefulness. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to get this information out to the world. I am also grateful that the message is well received & the purpose for writing I Didn't Know is understood. Thanks Again!

    1. I think it is a very important topic, and not discussed enough. You wrote with compassion and grace, which make it a best seller in my eyes.