Monday, May 7, 2012

This is Chapter one of my book 'Life Changes' It is an Inspirational Romance Contemporary book. 
I wrote this book first under another title but decided to change the name and the contents of it.
I plan to add a chapter once a week or more if the response is good
Your feedback would be appreciated.

Sandra Anthony sat in the hotel room after the conference her and her husband Ted had attended over the weekend. She had switched on the big screen TV to watch some news while she waited for her husband who was in the bathroom. They will be attending a Charity Ball tonight for Street Children, normally they do not attend these kinds of events but it will promote their business. As she flicked through the stations she stopped at E-News sport, her daughter had just appeared on the big TV screen on the starting block for her swimming event, backstroke over two hundred meters.
Her emerald eyes roamed over her eighteen-year-old daughter’s young body, a spitting image of herself, except her daughter’s young body was in very good shape, filled with energy and vibrancy. Her innocence was as clear as day light. Sandra smirked, because she thought it was ridiculous that her only daughter was not willing to share their lifestyle. To explore her body’s urges, with that body she could introduce her to many willing customers bringing in more business. Their lifestyle has opened up a very profitable business, one with various benefits that made life exciting.
It all started when she was only sixteen years old meeting her fathers friend, Robert. Robert was in his early thirties, and a beautifully built man with broad shoulders and a heavy chest, narrow waist and firm butt. He was extremely handsome. At sixteen, she was still very innocent but very curious about sexual intercourse, her friends and she read all about the topic, and secretly experimented with each other and it thrilled her.
From the moment she met Robert, she knew that he would be her first. One Friday night her parents had gone out to some or other function, and they stayed at home and watched TV. He was lying on the couch, his abs clearly visible through his white shirt. She could not help herself; she stared at his broad shoulders and chest and than lower where she could see the bulge in his pants, wondering how it will look.
He caught her staring and grinned saying
‘Do you want to touch?’
Her face has shown her eagerness and he pulled his t-shirt over his head showing of a well-toned tanned muscular chest. She licked her lips as her eyes went over him stopping at the zipper. Again, he spoke; his eyes not missing her actions at all
‘How old are you?’ he asked in a rough low voice
She replied ‘sixteen’
‘A bit young but you will not mind if we play, will you?’ leaning closer to her with a devilish smile, her insides was twirling with excitement.
She shook her head, not sure what to say; or even what he meant, her body quivered. Her eyes still fixed on him and she watched him as he stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans slowly, his eyes watching her every move. When her tongue ran over her dry lips, he started stripping himself down in front of her.
‘Sweet Jesus’ was the only thing that got out of her mouth; she had never seen anything like it. Thick and long erected member with a glossy tip.
He chuckled. ‘Come here, touch me’, he demanded and she crawled to him, lifted a trembling finger and she touched the length of his shaft; it felt like velvet and she grinned. With greater eagerness, she wrapped her hand around him and told him how beautiful he is and he thanked her. That night he coaxed her into touching him as he liked it and loved it. Going down over him, he moaned and when she saw the reaction on his face, she felt powerful grinning at him.
He held her head and told her what to do with her hand and mouth. She was like a typical teenager, curious, eager and full of energy.
He had just dressed when her parents walked into the house. They drank coffee and went to bed. Sandra kept thinking of the feel of him in her mouth and it was exhilarating. She wished she could have more sleep evaded her.
When the house was quiet, her parents in bed, she heard her door open and Robert walked in ‘Are you awake?’ and she replied with keenness
‘Yes’ her heart beat skipped a few beats.
‘Good, now it is my turn’
He only had his boxers on, his body highlighted in the moon light as she watched him walk closer to her.
He pulled the covers off, removed her panty and opened her legs, her eyes never leaving him. He grinned as he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, and knelt down. She felt exposed but in a good way and the next moment, he went down on her.
‘I have never had a virgin before’ he said, just before he drove his mouth deep into her inner most private parts.
She thought she died and went to heaven at that moment. From that night on for the next week he would come into her room teaching her, coaxing her into sex, she learned his body and he learned hers; she simply could not get enough. After that, he visited often always introducing her to more pleasure. He always stayed with just oral sex until she turned eighteen.
One night after a party that Robert attended, he brought a friend with to see her. They had a threesome, a threesome so intoxicating that to this day she cannot forget or ever get enough off. That friend became her husband. Robert introduced them to more people, who opened doors for them; because of this, they are extremely rich.
Sandra and Roberts’s relationship went on for many years, until he passed away five years ago. To this day, she misses him because she learnt to care for him over the years.
She and her husband had continued with this lifestyle because it is the only thing she knew. She had no idea what normal couples were doing or how they managed to stay together. It would never appeal to her.
Even their two sons had joined in their business and she would get such a thrill watching them as their young bodies experimented. They were learning to become experts in the field of sex. Only her daughter refused to have anything to do with it.
Sandra smirked again, thinking to herself. The little twit does not know what she is missing.
She watched her daughter gliding through the water as she touched the edge of the swimming pool first. A smile adorning the youthful face and she smirked.
‘Honey?’ her husband called out
‘Yes’ she answered as she switched the TV off.
‘What were you watching honey’
‘Nothing interesting, are you ready?’
‘Yes let’s go’ he said as he kissed her in the nape of her neck and cupped her firm breast in his hand, teasing her ear lob with his teeth and she gently pushed him away
‘Not now dear, I have special plans for you… later’ and she smiled seductively. He removed the piece of material over her breast with his mouth and spoke
‘I can hardly wait’ biting her, shivers running down her body. She cupped his face, lifted him to her height, and kissed him, a kiss filled with a promise and he sigh.
‘You are the best’ she smiled and straightens the silk shirt and kisses him again before they walk out of the door.

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  1. I debated about the sex scene quite a lot but at the end I kept this one to lay the back ground of Anabella Anthony's life.
    The mother had a devastating impact on her life and I thought it best to tell her side of the story since both sides always have a story.
    Anabella is longing for stability in her life and found it in the arms of a lawyer Aldrich Hagin. As the story unfolds it will become clear. on